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Monte Pellegrino as seen from Brancaccio


Don Pino Puglisi: Se ognuno fa qualcosa si può fare molto (“If each one of us does something, then together we can do a lot”).

Edited by Francesco Deliziosi, chief editor of the Sicilian daily Giornale di Sicilia, pupil and good friend of don Pino

Francesco Deliziosi, Il prete che fece tremare la mafia con un sorriso (“The priest who terrified the mafia with a smile”)

Mgr Vincenzo Bertolone, Padre Pino Puglisi beato. Profeta e martire (“Blessed Padre Pino Puglisi. Prophet and martyr”)

Vincenzo Scalia, Un prete scomodo siciliano (“A troublesome Sicilian priest”)

Enza Maria Mortellaro, Padre Pino Puglisi il Samurai di Dio (“Padre Pino Puglisi, God’s Samurai”)

Pino Nano, Lascia perdere chi ti porta a mala strada (“Don’t walk with people who lead you down the wrong path”) — a documentary (in Italian) from 2012.

There is an excellent film about Padre Pino’s three years in Brancaccio called Alla luce del sole (“Into the Daylight”). It stars Luca Zingaretti (Inspector Montalbano) as Padre Pino! If you live in Europe, you can order a DVD of the film with English subtitles here.

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